Book Review: After Disney—The Other Orlando

Kelly Monaghan has a long history of publishing about Orlando. He wrote “The Other Orlando” many years ago, and this update not only changes the title to “After Disney,” it also vastly expands the scope and scale of the book (disclosure: I was provided a review copy). The coauthor on the new volume is Seth Kubersky, an old hat at covering theme parks and

"After Disney: The Other Orlando" by Kelly Monaghan and Seth Kubersky

no slouch himself. The cover image of Hogwarts castle is sure to excite Harry Potter fans, but the true value lies inside.

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Havana Hideaway, Lake Worth, FL: A Restaurant Review

The Havana Hideaway may make you do a double take. It’s as if a beach dive bar has been magically transported from some Bahamanian backwater to downtown Lake Worth, FL, a funky, low-rise commercial center that doesn’t seem to have changed much since the 1950s.

There’s a little shack of a bar next to a sandy open air dining area dotted with rickety tables and a few palapa-shaded picnic tables, which screen the joint from the sidewalk where more picnic tables accommodate the overflow. And make no mistake, this is a popular joint.

At the back of the dining area sits a “food truck called Wanda,” a funky old chow wagon that turns out some of the best beach grub in Florida, or anywhere else for that matter.
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