Restaurante Calle Real – Granada, Spain

This is the fifth in a series of articles by Intrepid Traveler publisher Kelly Monaghan as he travels through Spain after a transatlantic cruise aboard the Disney Magic.

Entrance to Calle Real.

The most convenient hotel to Granada’s Alhambra is the Parador de Granada. That’s because it’s actually in the Alhambra, housed in the restored 15th century Convent de San Francisco.

There’s a price to be paid for such convenience, of course. Room rates start at 336 euros for a standard room and rise to over 600 euros for a suite. But if you cannot afford to stay like the 1 percent, you may well be able to afford to eat with them.

The Calle Real restaurant in the Parador is open to the general public and serves delicious food at surprisingly affordable prices given the quality. We chose the 40 euro, five-course “tasting menu.” Considering that it’s possible to spend close to 40 euros on just a starter and an entrée here, that’s a real bargain. [Read more…]

Nicaragua’s Granada, Colonial Charm on a Peasant’s Pocketbook

A visit to Granada, Nicaragua

by Kelly Monaghan

Nicaragua seems inextricably linked (in the American imagination at least) with Ronald Reagan’s and Ollie North’s beloved Contras. In this version, it’s a place of bloody guerilla warfare against a totalitarian commie regime. Or perhaps the country, which is at the very center of Central America, is vaguely remembered as the disaster area that drew Bianca Jagger, then wife of the head Stone, home to become the poster girl for the relief efforts that followed a devastating earthquake.

[Read more…]