Kutaisi: The Fabled Medea’s Hometown

Decorative elements on a new fountain seen on Agmashenebeli Square in Kutaisi, Georgia. Designers created oversized replicas of golden figures found in sites associated with the ancient Colchis kingdom.

KUTAISI, Georgia — Until last fall, I had never heard of Kutaisi, a city of about a quarter of a million people more than 100 miles west of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia (the country).

Street scene in Kutaisi, Georgia.

It turned out to be a pleasant place with some surprisingly charming center city attractions, and it is home to a church and monastery that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

I visited Kutaisi in September 2012 as part of a weeklong tour for

Houses overlooking the Rioni River in Kutaisi, Georgia.

travel agents and travel journalists. We arrived after dark, which dictated the kind of sightseeing we could do before eating a fairly quick dinner.

However, nighttime was a good time to see a new fountain in the middle of town — on Agmashenebeli Square in front of the city’s theater — because it puts on quite a light show. [Read more…]

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