Patmos and a Story of Biblical Proportions

Windmills are a means to capture wind power on many Greek islands, including Patmos where these windmills are seen.

PATMOS ISLAND, Greece — Patmos is a very small place, only 13 square miles. Even New York City’s Manhattan is larger at 22 square miles.

So, maybe it is not so surprising that this was one of the places where the 1,200-passenger ship I was sailing on — Louis Cruises’ Louis Cristal — did not sail up to a dock but anchored in the waters nearby.

A tender carries passengers to Louis Cruises’ ship, the Louis Cristal, which is anchored here off Patmos in the Aegean.

We traveled into and out of Patmos on tenders. These were enclosed motorboats that held dozens of passengers and moved people back and forth fairly quickly.

We were allotted around four hours on the island late in a spring day, so sightseeing came first, while the sun was out. [Read more…]

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