Visit Europe? Stay Home? Why Not RV and Do Both?

RV Europe

European campgrounds welcome RVers.

Is it cheaper to tour Europe than to sit at home watching TV?

Not quite. But Adelle and Ron Milavsky have twice proven that you can do it for very little more. In 2002, the two adventurers spent 83 days seeing France and the Benelux countries in depth for less than four thousand dollars more than it would have cost them to stay home. They did it again in 2003, spending 77 days in the British Isles.

Their secret? They took their own RV to Europe.

“If you want to tour Europe comfortably for six weeks or more, there’s no cheaper way than taking your own RV,” say Adelle and Ron, who have the receipts to prove it. “And you can’t beat the comfort and convenience of traveling in your own home on wheels.”

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