Seattle’s Experience Music Project: For Rock Music Lovers

EMP, sitting at the base of Seattle's Space Needle, was designed by Frank Gehry.

(SEATTLE, WA) The Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum or, as it is now commonly known, EMP sits below Seattle’s famed Space Needle like a recently landed alien starship. The brainchild of Microsoft gazillionaire Paul Allen, it focuses on the history of rock music. Although the Science Fiction Museum officially closed in 2011, current exhibits celebrating Battlestar Gallactica and Avatar carry on the tradition. [Read more…]

‘Mary Stuart’ at Seattle’s A.C.T. – A Review

Friedrich Schiller’s 1800 drama, “Mary Stuart,” is receiving a smashing production at Seattle’s A.C.T., A Contemporary Theatre, and reminding New Yorkers like myself to never get snooty about how much better theater is in the Big Apple than anywhere else.

In fact, after spending an evening with this splendid company, Gothamites might find themselves wondering why they have to make do with empty calorie musicals instead of the raw meat of Schiller’s disquisition on power politics, religious hatred, and humankind’s seeming inability to ever do the right thing. [Read more…]