Alhambra Touring Tips

A panoramic view of Alhambra

Here’s another of a series of articles from Kelly Monaghan about his travels in Spain. 

If you’re going to Granada, you’re going to the Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a monument to the glory that was Nasrid Spain before Christian forces wrested control of the Iberian peninsula back from the invading Moors. (It only took them about 700 years!)

If you’re going to Granada and you’re not going to the Alhambra, have your head examined.

Rather than attempt to reprise the guidebooks, I thought it might be more helpful to provide some tips that most guidebooks gloss over or leave out altogether. [Read more…]

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Frederic Marès Museum, Barcelona

Here is the fourth in a series of articles by Intrepid Traveler publisher Kelly Monaghan as he travels through Spain.

Entrance to the Frederic Marès Museum. (Photos by Kelly Monaghan)

Frederic Marès (1893 – 1991) was a sculptor by profession and his commissions for religious and monumental statuary must have paid off handsomely to judge by the mind-boggling collection of high art and low-brow tchotchkes he amassed during his long life. Biographical information on this largely forgotten artist is hard to come by, but I suspect he came from money; either that, or great art and collectible ephemera used to go for a fraction of what it now commands. But let us not be crass. [Read more…]

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