Express Yourself to Disney World

It sounds almost too good to be true. Check your bags at the airport and never see them again until they arrive, as if by magic, in your hotel room at Walt Disney World Resort. Well, that’s the promise of Disney’s new Magical Express program and a recent trip to Mickey’s realm gave me the perfect opportunity to try it out.

Here’s how it works. After making your reservations at a Disney Resort, just provide Disney (or your travel agent) with your flight numbers and arrival and departure times. In a few weeks, you receive a cute little ticket brochure with an amusingly retro look. It contains peel off luggage tags bearing the name of your resort and a bar code to assure easy routing.

With your bags tagged, your off to Orlando where cheery greeters waving stuffed Mickey hands meet all arriving passengers as they enter the main terminal. Blissfully bypassing luggage claim, you check in at the Disney Magical Express counter, which has now joined all the rental car companies on the bottom level of the terminal. Present your ticket brochure and moments later you are directed to a rats maze of queues that will guide you to the correct bus for your trip to Disney.

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