Tourism Contacts in Uzbekistan

This is a selective list of Uzbekistan tourism contacts. It makes no pretense to be complete. If you have any additions to this list, please e-mail them along with comments.

In Tashkent

Osiyo Intour Business
Louiza Ligay
Buyuk Ipuck Yuli, 115
Tashkent 700077
Tel: (3712) 686733, 686781, 686764
Fax: (3712) 686783

This is a tour wholesaler but will organize tours for individuals and small groups on a retail basis as well. Louiza Ligay is a gem, friendly and knowledgeable. If you can deal with her, you’ll be in good hands.

Khorezm Street, 47
Tashkent 700047
Tel: (3712) 1333854
Fax: (3712) 1367948

Headquarters of “The National Company.” Functions primarily as a wholesaler for foreign tour operators but they can point you to local tour operators.

Rustam Irmatov, General Director
Buyuk Ipuck Yuli, 115
Tashkent 700077
Tel: (3712) 674762, 686827, 686828
Fax: (3712) 674563

A receptive tour operator. Member of PATA. Good source if you need a van and driver.

In Samarkand

Esprit Du Temps Travel
Abduvakhid Eshankulov, President
7/1 Omar Khayam Street
(Registan Square)
Samarkand 703001
Tel: (3662) 350761
Fax: (3662) 310641

I don’t know much about this company other than that it exists. According to the President’s business card, they are a “Private Tourist Company” which presumably means they can arrange local and regional guided tours and transportation. They also operate Zarina’s B&B, which might be worth looking into as a lower-price alternative to the tourist hotels.

Sergey V. Danilov, Assistant General Manager
University Boulevard, 1
Samarkand 703026
Tel: (3662) 335594
Fax: (3662) 333971

A charming guy who will set you up with guided tours in and around Samarkand. If you’re looking for a guide (and you’ll need one), request Maya Mamulova. She’s terrific.